Thursday Throwback: My Self-Portrait Bust

 Is it weird that I have a self-portrait bust sitting atop my dresser in my room?

Maybe. But I didn’t know where else to put it.

I made it, her, me – whatever you want to call it – as a senior project in my high school art class. It was sort of tradition there for the Art 7-8 students to make a bust of themselves – with life-size heads!

I already loved working with clay – since I’d been taking pottery for 4 years, but I was definitely a bigger challenge to make your own head than it was to make a teapot.

It took us half of the school year to create our heads. We had to work with the clay, let it dry in the attic (it was kind of eerie seeing all of our heads laying on cushions in the dark, dusty attic), spray paint and stain them, make the wooden base and stain that, and then finally it was finished!

I have to say, even though she’s not a perfect likeness, I was pretty attached to my head. My art teacher and pottery teacher both approached me about letting the school give me the purchase award – which meant that in exchange for some cold-hard cash and special recognition – my head would belong to the school, sitting on a library bookshelf for the rest of it’s days.

I said “No” repeatedly and didn’t budge.

What would you have done?

After spending a half a school year on this head, it was coming home with me! For a while she was on display next to my brother’s  strikingly realistic bust that he created 2 years before.

So that’s the story of me and my head – has anyone else done a similar project? Would you do it again? I think I would 🙂

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