1 Word Wednesdays : Paper People

Before you scroll down and get bombarded by images of my paper dolls – who I call “paper people”, this probably deserves some back story.

When I was really little my mom bought me a Belle (from “Beauty and the Beast”) paper doll – the kind with clothes that you could put on by folding the tabs behind her. Something happened to Belle and I sort of forgot about paper dolls for a while and was pretty content with Barbies and legos. Then when I was about 9 I think “Toy Story” and “The Borrowers” made me start thinking about how cool it would be to make miniature people and to write about their little lives and pretend that they are secretly living in my room without anyone else knowing but me. Silly maybe, but I became completely engrossed in creating paper people, making weird families and writing their family trees. Yes, I had a strange obsession with genealogy – which probably stemmed from my strange family tree.

I made paper people from the time I was 9 to 13. Then I stopped and placed all 300 or so in a shoe box under my bed.

I revived the paper people making about a year ago when I added them to my Etsy shop. So far I have sold a lot more than I expected, some even landing in a gallery!

So please take a look at my paper people. The ones with the metal brads I made recently, but there are also images of ones I made in the past.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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