Sunday Vintage Swoon: My 1960s Mad Men Inspired Look

I have been slowly developing a love for vintage clothing.

When I was a tween and I went shopping with my mom for clothes I was always worried about things making me look “old”. I didn’t want to wear jeans that were too straight-legged (this was before skinny jeans were cool), they had to have a flare. I wouldn’t be caught dead in shoulder pads! So, my poor mom was leery of making clothing suggestions.

After high school I started watching a lot of BBC miniseries, period pieces like Wives and Daughters and North and South. I also watched a good amount of TCM, and ordered classics from Netflix. Then I started exploring vintage shops on Etsy and I started to imagine myself wearing 1960s dresses, and instead of feeling like it would age me, I felt it would make me look elegant and sophisticated.

A few weeks ago I discovered Mad Men, and loved the dresses. Sadly, though, when I watched the show, I wasn’t so impressed. I’m a more Pride and Prejudice kind of girl, I don’t like seeing so much cigarette smoking and sleeping around. Still, I’ll give them props for their costumes. I will keep looking at what the ladies are wearing for inspiration.

I bought a beautiful 1960s Leslie Fay butter yellow high waisted dress with a cowl neck from Etsy seller, a hippy heart. It was only $18!

When it arrived I was very pleased with the fit, but I realized it needed a tiny improvement. Maybe the vivacious Joan Holloway wouldn’t mind a front slit in her dress, but I felt a need to put some fabric in so I could feel comfortable wearing the dress to religious events.

I bought a new pair of black peep toed shoes from Famous Footwear and wore a matching black belt from an older dress I had.

For jewelry I wore some oval vintage black earrings with a floral detail and gold trim. I got those for 50 cents at the thrift store!

The outfit got a lot of compliments, so I feel pretty good about getting more vintage (I’ll be returning to a hippy heart) in the future! 🙂

Do you wear vintage? Share links to photos of your outfits!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Vintage Swoon: My 1960s Mad Men Inspired Look

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