Throwback Thursday: My very first sale on Etsy

I’m no huge Etsy success. I’ve made 16 sales since opening my shop in July 2010. Still I am very proud of my 16 sales. I have learned so much by reading the Etsy blog and watching the online labs, some of it I have implemented, but there is still so much more that I should do.

I like to celebrate the little milestones. I wasn’t sure I’d ever have any sales so 16 is an accomplishment.

Here’s my very first sold item on Etsy: My Salam Necklace (“Salam” is peace in Arabic)

I was so proud! Since then I have made more salam necklaces, (and I sold another one!) and I continue to learn more about polymer clay and how to improve my technique.

Any other Etsy sellers out there? What was your first sale?

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