Friday Faves: All About Pattern

When I was in middle school and high school I would write the class name across my note book in bubble letters and fill each letter in with intricate patterns. It was a great way to look busy in class when I was really just in my own world doodling.

Here are 5 cool patterned items I came across on Etsy.

1. This first item is a a braided hair A5 print from MadeByEmilyGreen. It reminded me of a self-portrait I did based on a photo of the back of my hair. My hair is in small two-strand twists about 70% of the time and sometimes I twist or braid those together and put my hair in an up do, which makes for an interesting pattern, like this one.

2. I saw this great scarf Going Hunting from barkdecor. The design is so unique and fun I would love to wear this scarf! I will definitely be keeping up with their items.

3. I took ceramics in high school and loved it! This wall bird from jennymendes reminds me of a project we would do every year with colored slurry (pigmented wet clay) called terra sigillata. These colored clays allowed us to have the option of adding color to our pots while they were still unfired clay. Looking at her description on her item- that’s what she used! I hope to one day to get my hands dirty in clay again!

4. I really thought this fridge magnet green hair man from ireneagh was cute. Looking at the items in her shop I feel like we have a similar child-like style. Her little magnets and prints are so colorful and cheery 🙂

5. I’m ending with another hair illustration, this cool best friends greeting card by SophieParker. It’s like an endless chain of hair braiding, like you could imaging a couple dozen more girls are braiding each other’s hair off of the page.

Do you like to wear a lot of patterned clothes and jewelry? Do you like to have patterned art on your walls? Do you make cool patterned stuff? Please share!

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