Make Something Monday : Want a Tutorial?

I love tutorials. When I was 16 I decided to stop wearing my hair chemically relaxed and started growing out my naturally tightly curled hair. It was a bit scary to me, until I discovered that on youtube thousands of women were doing or had already done the same thing successfully. They provided great tutorials that showed how they achieved their intricate hairstyles and I found that with the help of the tutorials I could imitate their styles on my own hair.

My start on a logo for my hair site

Tutorials aren’t just great for hair, their great for anything really. If you are interested in getting a hair tutorial – check out my blog Coifs and Plaits!

I plan to be creating artwork on a more regular basis and posting here what I made. Make something Mondays will tell you how I made featured projects. Have an idea of something you’d like me to make and to write up a tutorial for? Please post your ideas! Or maybe you made a tutorial yourself that you want to share? Go for it!

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