Make Something Monday: Vector Drawings with Inkscape

So I can’t afford the Adobe CS5 suite without being a student.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be a student again anytime soon. I have vowed to teach myself how to create professional graphic art. Have you attempted this?

I already have been using GIMP for a few years and I liked it for the most part, except that it gets a bit fuzzy and isn’t very smooth.

I began searching for an Adobe Illustrator alternative and came across inkscape which is open source – which means you pay absolutely nothing to download it to your computer! I absolutely love that.

I’ve never used Adobe Illustrator, so I can not really compare the ease of use or any of their different features. I am hoping that what people can achieve on illustrator will be achievable on inkscape.

I found some great tutorials that are really useful for getting a sense of how inkscape works. Here’s a video demonstrating how to make a pixelated image into a vector (smooth image).

I also found these tutorials for beginners:

My favorite — 2D Game Art for Programmers – Part 1

Basic Controls — Basic Tutorial

A compilation of tutorials — 35 Tutorials to create amazing Vector Graphics…

Please share any tutorials that you know of.

Here’s what I’ve been working on…

drawing a woman with bantu knots

I am hoping to use this image in an eBook I am going to write about natural hair styling.

Here’s another fun drawing. I think I’d like to use something like this in a children’s book. What do you think?

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