Brown or White Rice?- Brown. – Thanks for Asking

I was out with 3 friends when we all agreed we were hungry. We tried to think of what to eat.

2 of us (including me) preferred a vegetarian option for lunch, 1 just didn’t want fast food, and our 10 year old friend wanted to sink her teeth into something meaty.

We decided on Chipotle.

It wasn’t far away, it offers option for meat lovers and herbivores alike, and so we were all happy to head there.

I got a veggie rice bowl for the first time. I usually order the veggie burrito. While was going through the line the girl that was helping me asked, “White or brown rice?”

Picture from

I chose brown. It was funny, because earlier we were joined by another older friend, who had been modifying her diet. She talked at length about the benefits of switching from white to brown rice, among other things like eating whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread.

I really appreciate that Chipotle has brown rice as an option. It makes you feel like you just made one of the best lunch choices (and dinner, too if you have left overs) possible for your health 🙂

What did you eat today?

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