Thursday – Things I Can’t Stand

Do you ever feel like getting everyone’s attention, standing on a chair and having a good rant? I do. But  most people would question my sanity if I did that. So I’ve found it better to do it virtually, right here.

Now – imagine I’m standing on a chair, waving my arms, and shouting as you read this post.

Mental image a little fuzzy? This should help (drawn by moi on inkscape):

1. Cigarette Smoke Finding It’s Way Into My Apartment

Can you tell I hate cigarette smoke?

I understand that legally my neighbors have the right to smoke. They even can legally subject their families, including their poor helpless children, to secondhand smoke.

But when I’m sitting in my apartment, with the door and windows closed and I start choking because of the cigarette smoke in another apartment or outside – that’s just wrong!

Ain’t nobody got time for that! (See video below – I know guarantee you will love it)

2. Fruit Flies (Flies in General) Finding Their Way Into My Apartment

Do I need to explain? These things are annoying. They try to get in my food, inside my nose, in my ears, in my eyes, and generally on my nerves! ‘Nuff said.

Eeeeeeeww! They look even worse close up!

3. How Long It Takes To Upload Photos From My Phone

I’m multi-tasking as I write this, sending pictures from my phone to my e-mail. (Yeah, I got skillz). It takes soooo long to scroll down through my gazillion photos, select one of the gazillion I want to send and then repeat.

Maybe I should break down and buy an actual digital camera instead of using my kin phone all the time.

Does anybody else have a kin (kin one to be exact)?

You gotta admit this phone is too cute, right?

4. Animals of Completely Different Kinds Falling in Love in Kid’s Movies

Ok, Madagascar (I only saw the first 2) is hilarious. I love when King Julian sings “I like to move it move it” and the big man hippo sings “I like ’em big I like ’em chunky”. In fact, my mom and I were singing those songs around the house for weeks afterward. My poor stepdad.

What I didn’t like was that Melman, the Giraffe guy, fell in love with Gloria, the hippo girl. Kids watch these movies. What are they going to start thinking? That not just ligers are possible, but girappoes or hippaffes, too?!

A girl in my freshman biology class thought pigs and sheep could have babies – don’t know where she got that idea- but just imagine the confusion these little guys could have when they’re older. They may expect to see inter-special relationships (yes- I think I just coined that phrase) in the zoo and on wild life shows. If you’re going to watch movies with confusing romances like Melman’s and Gloria’s, do your kids a favor and clarify “this does not occur in nature”.

Disclaimer: This DOES NOT Occur In Nature (The Hippo would probably eat the Giraffe. Just sayin…) Credit:

5. When I Complain Too Much

Phew! That was a good rant. Stepping of the chair now. Wait, there’s one more thing. Sometimes, well a lot of the time, I can’t stand things I do. Surprising, right? You never would’ve guessed?

I can’t stand it when all I can seem to do is complain. I get sick of hearing myself do that. That’s when I have to get it all out if my system by sharing it with you, because you want to hear it, right? And that way, my family (lovely people) who are also sick of it, won’t tar and feather me. Yet.

My mom has the tar, and my step dad grabbed the feathers. In case you were wondering.

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