My 3rd blog 😛
Do you have an art center in your city where you have access to equipment to make what you love?

Art Center for Omaha

Thanks for checking out Art Center for Omaha’s blog. Right now Art Center for Omaha is an idea, not a brick and mortar creative spot as of yet. That’s why we’re glad you’re here. We need the help of the community to get this going. First let’s talk about some questions you probably have.

Doesn’t Omaha already have “Art Centers”?

Yes and no. Yes there are places where artist can come together and create. Hot Shops is a great art center located in downtown Omaha on 13th and Nicholas. It offers studio space to artists who work in a variety of mediums including pottery, glass, painting, printmaking, photography, architecture, and blacksmithing. They even offer classes and use of some of their equipment.

There is also the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. They offer programs for the community, such as Art 4 Omaha, which is designed to get the…

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