Make Something Monday: Desert Beaded Necklace & Earring Set

I’m preparing for my first craft show, September 22nd. I’m really excited and working on creating a good inventory.

This the necklace and earring set I most recently completed:

It reminds me of the ruggedness of Southern California, where I just visited a few weeks ago. A group of my friends and I hiked close to the mountains in Corona (a city close to LA) and a very scary sedate rattlesnake and black tarantula crossed our path.This necklace has the brown earthy color of the soil there and tall mountains that make me think fondly of our close encounter with the wildlife there.

I used plastic beads and the pretty gemstone and glass beads my friend Jade gave me. She kindly gave me a whole bag of beads she was no longer using! Check out her beautiful Etsy shop Jade Scott.

Here’s a nice video on how to string beads on a wire.

Enjoy & have a great week!



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