Sunday Vintage Swoon: Decorating My New Space

I recently moved out of my parents’ apartment to live with 2 awesome roommates in an vintage apartment in midtown Omaha.

I’ve mostly made my room my own, but I have a lot of ideas still in the works.

I want it to be a studio/salon (I do hair) and I don’t want it to look like a bedroom. I plan to get a futon instead of a bed and inspired by my roommate Andrea’s vintage finds, I want to add more old wooden furniture to the room.

A candid shot by my mom of me in my new room


So here are my finds….

For Organization:

MidCentury Bookshelf from thewhitepepper


Floating shelf made from a book – “The Age of Desire” from LittleFishFurniture


For My Workspace

Vintage Desk Lamp Adjustable Retro from Always Maybe Vintage


Vintage Vinyl Desk Chair from Daily Memorandum




That’s it for now. You can expect to see more picks – since I will be scouring Etsy and thrift stores from here on out.

What’s your design style?

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