Saturday Ramblings : The Tale of the Bat


My roommates and I enjoy visitors, but not bats. Last week we had several unwelcome guests. A bat we called “Ivy” found it’s way into our living room and seemed as bewildered as we were, nervously circling the room at a fast clip.

We decided to take a large sheet, and knock it down to the floor. That was not very successful because we ended up hiding underneath the sheet when the bat would suddenly swoop close to our heads.

My roommate, who has had close encounters with bats before, reassured me that the bat had no intention of hurting us. She also said that since it has sonar, it wouldn’t be likely to run into us. I believed her, but I still felt uneasy watching the bat swoop around the room.

It was late at night, and I really was beginning to get sleepy, so we both began to step up our efforts to apprehend him. My roommate squirted it with a spray bottle and tried to swing the sheet at it when it was closest to her. I flung a small towel at it. We got a few good hits, but never knocked it down to the ground. We even enlisted the help of our 3 cats, but they weren’t even remotely interested. We figured they were too tired after chasing the other bats earlier in the week.

We tried other things, like opening the doors to the balcony, but that only invited in another bat, which thankfully went back out as fast as it came in.

The first bat, Ivy, eventually sought refuge in our library, south of the living room. Ivy perched on the drapes, probably worn out after being pursued for a good half hour or so. My ingenious roommate grabbed a stainless steel mixing bowl and put it over the bat. Then I handed her a magazine to slide underneath. Finally we had it! We released it on our fire escape.

We were exhausted but finally nabbing it felt good. I thought I may have overcome my fear of bats. Then I found out the next morning, we had another one. “Here we go again”, I thought.

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