Thursday Things I Like: My Favorite Giraffe Pot

I love pottery – I’m realizing that more now that I don’t have access to the kiln and glazes to create pottery anymore.

I have a favorite pot, my giraffe pot. I actually made it twice, because (I’m not sure if it was my fault or not) the first one blew up in the kiln :(.

So when I made it all over again, I was careful to wedge the clay really well to get rid of air bubbles that could be trapped inside and cause it to blow. I also think my design the second time was better.

When the pot was fired I glazed it very carefully and thoughtfully. After it was glaze fired, I added hair to the giraffe’s tail with hairs from a paint brush. The teacher was pleased and I was so proud.

The giraffe pot won silver in a statewide art competition and then I had it with me when I took my senior pictures.

Now it sits in my room and it has become a fixture in my room. I decided that I will put it up for sale – and maybe one day, after I sell enough of my high school pottery, I can make more!

Please check it out 🙂 !

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