Shifting Focus

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a really good blog – The Minimalists.

I can’t remember exactly how I found them – I think it was when I was on a personal finance blog. Anyway, I’ve been reading everything on their blog.

I’ve made a lot of changes to my life since my Junior year of high school. I stopped chemically altering my naturally curly hair with relaxers and “went natural”.

Then also during my Junior year I adopted a vegetarian diet (I haven’t always been the strictest vegetarian, though).

This year I started to ride a bike more often and I took the bus to and from work several times a few weeks ago.

Thanks to what I read on The Minimalists – last week I got rid of tons of stuff.

I really want a simple life so that I can focus on spending my precious, valuable, irreplaceable time  on things that I feel truly matter and make me feel good.

What they said about use of time really got me thinking about what projects I want to work on.

You may see a few changes in my Etsy shop and blog – I hope it will look more streamlined and you will begin to see a more cohesive brand.

You will be seeing more art like this:

Click to view in my Etsy shop

Click to view in my Etsy shop

So please stay tuned. I’m excited to be making changes and to start taking control of my time.

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