Lunch Story

Written after eating lunch 1.9.13



I like eating lunch in solitude.

The people I work with are ok, all nice enough – but I don’t want to talk to them (lots of random people coming into the kitchen) when I’m not being paid for it.

After clocking out I slip down the back stairs out of the building, walk into the parking garage and hop into my getaway car.

I drive around the corner from the office building and sit by the park in my car and eat.

How antisocial, right?

Today, I ate leftovers from what one of my roommates and I made for a Jamaican themed book club party. I also packed half of a pita pouch, an orange, and a banana. I ate everything in that order. Before I ate the banana I stared at the sticker – “Dole Honduras”. I tried to imagine the banana’s journey from the tree where it was grown to now as it was about to meet its demise.

I remembered that Dole had a negative role in Hawaii’s history (I watched Princess Kaiulani) and I was a bit disappointed that I’d chosen a banana from a company that I didn’t hear wonderful things about historically speaking.

I snapped a picture with my phone, saved it and started devouring the thing. As I ate I thought about a movie I’d recently re-watched after a decade or so – The Gods Must Be Crazy. I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did. There was a part in the more-action packed section of the story line where the rebel forces of Sam Boga were hiding in a banana grove (is that what you call it?).

The action scene involved a lot of gunfire and a helicopter dropping missiles. A lot of potentially tasty bananas were lost. I wonder if my banana had to survive such turmoil before making its way safely along with the rest of its bunch to Trader Joe’s 19 cent stand. I don’t know – but I do know that I’m going to have to look up Dole’s banana plantation in Honduras 🙂

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