Sunday Vintage Swoon: The Charm of Old Letters Part 1

Henrietta letter 1

I have a lidded basket in the corner of my room in front of my window that has been a sort of treasure chest.

Last year, inspired by vintage shops on Etsy, I decided to open a second shop dedicated to selling vintage items and named it after my grandmother, Henrietta. It was called “Oh Henri”.

I closed the shop more than a year ago, and the items I bought and a few family pieces languished in the chest. Recently I opened it, and thought of uses for the figurines and plaques, and stumbled across the old letters I had placed in there.

There are 3 letters to my grandmother, Henrietta, a report card for my Aunt Ellen, and a few other old letters.

I will share one of the letters to my grandmother, Henrietta, with you today.

Omaha Nebr.

Aug 16, 1935

Dear Darling Henriettta;

I receive your past card yesterday & was much delighted to hear from you. It made me feel good when you said you were having a swell time.

I almost choked holding my breath waiting for your letter; you know I said I would. Darling tune in on station n-o-i-s-e & listen while I sing (all day long I dream of you). I’ve been daydreaming ever since the day you left. I’m dreaming of the day you return from camp. Are you still on that weight reducing diet gaining weight? Ha ha. My time is short, though the day is long. I shall some day make you believe me, when I say I love you.

At the finis of this manuscript, I shall start holding my breath again, until you write. So! Have mercy upon my lungs for breath holding is painful. I am now closing this manuscript, with humble love & benevolent kisses.

As ever your faithful slave

Carl Westfield

P.S. You better find a new diet. Maybe you won’t gain so much weight. Ha ha. Until you return darling I am ever your slave and boon companion.


The project closed yesterday I wish you would excuse the flowing lines of my writing. It’s flowing all over the paper. Hahaha.

It is funny to read a love letter to my grandmother, from a man that is not my grandfather!

If she had married him, I wouldn’t be writing this post!

Do you have any old letters hanging around in your house?

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