Sunday Vintage Swoon: All Gussied Up

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve dressed up for a themed party since moving out.

I dressed up a greek, a hippy, Luigi from the Nintendo game, a Jamaican, Ruth from the Bible, a Karen woman with a sarong, a tourist in Hawaii…

costume collage

and now I’ve dressed up as a house wife from the 50s 🙂

elise 50s chic

It was really fun, and I think I may try the look on a serious occasion, maybe minus the 2 drawn on moles.

I wore a dress given to me by my dear roomie. I think the tag says Isaac Mizrahi. It looks very proper and demure. The scarf is also a gift from the same dear roomie. The shoes are from a clothing swap my other roommate hosted at out apartment. Someone there was a size 10! The shoes (sorry you can’t seem them in the pic) are different from what I’d normally wear, but I thought they suited the outfit.

I put on dark blue eye shadow and a black liquid liner cat eye. Then I added some red lipstick and big bronze clip on earrings I got super cheap at New Life Thrift here in town. It was a almost free outfit! My wallet was very happy!

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