Sunday Vintage Swoon: Old Celebs

Do you recognize these men?

gene and fred dolls 1

Paper dolls from my shop, Pieces of Elise’s

If love classic movies (especially musicals) like I do – you’ll know they’re Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. These 2 men were triple threats – dancing, singing, and acting.

In honor of talented actors, actresses, directors, writers, and other people of notoriety in that era (1920s-1960s) I’m expanding my Old Celebs line of paper dolls in my Etsy shop!

Expect to see celebs like:

Judy Garland


Image from

Cary Grant


Image from

Marlon Brando


Image from

F. Scott Fitzgerald


Image from

Josephine Baker


Image from

Virginia Woolf


Image from

Henry Fonda


Image from

Irene Dunn

Irene Dunne3

Image from classicforever.blogspot

Ernest Hemingway


Image from

Veronica Lake



Image from

Expect to see the full line this September!!!

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