Whole30 Week One Recap

Day 7 is drawing to a close. The Whole30 has been a challenge so far. I learned 2 important things this week.

1. My husband needs less veggies in his meals. Peppers are a no-no!

2. We need Whole30 emergency snacks, or else we will be hangry when we get home from work.

We are seeing positive results…

We both are slimmer and more toned. I know it’s supposed to be about how you feel and not how much you weigh, but we have both lost close to 10 pounds!

Hubby says he has more energy. I’ve been sick with a summer cold and hormonal changes, which are on the upswing (hopefully) now.

It’s hard not to eat popcorn at work or alcohol on the weekend. But I think based on what we already are seeing, we’ll complete the 30 days. Come on August 10th! :-). Here are the yummiest things that we made:


I’ve been busy this week creating a custom magnet for an order on Hatch. Here it is!


Love how snuggly the dogs in the photo this drawing was based were.

So I’m off to watch a movie and maybe drink a smoothie. Hey, it’s sugarless ;-).

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