Submit an Old Photo

I am going to be focusing on creating drawings from old photos and writing stories along with them.

I have tons of pictures I already want to write about – but I’d like to see what cool photos and story ideas you have. Submissions are welcome!

To make sure we’re on the same page here are the rules:

1. Submit your photo/and or story ideas to my email address:

2. Depending on the amount of submissions I receive and my current workload it may take me some time to let you know when or whether or not I will be using your feature as part of the project. I will send you a reply of thanks as soon as I possibly can – because I am thrilled that you want to participate. I will also keep you updated on the project.

3. I will be selling the drawings and stories I create in the form of zines, prints, and eBooks – I will give credit to you for the photo and any other ideas you freely submit – by writing “Thanks to [insert your name here]” prominently on the project and by giving you a complimentary copy of the final product! – You just have to let me know where to send it to! 🙂

If you’re okay with the rules and have some great ideas email away!

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