Saturday Ramblings: On Leaving the Nest

I didn’t plan to go to a 4 year college and live in a dorm. I could’ve, I did very well in school. Instead, though, I opted to go to a private school for a 2 year program so I could quickly get a “good” job. With my 17 year old sensibilities about what was possible for a high school graduate, I assumed I would immediately be able to move in to an apartment near my school. I was told that I would have to be 19 to sign a lease.

Now I am 19 (soon to be 20) and my school plans unraveled. I decided to focus the energies I once put forth on school work on working and starting my own business. I recently received a promotion and I’m starting to think about where I go from here.

I get along great with my mom and stepdad, but I like to think that my 20s won’t be spent depending on them for shelter. So I’ve been thinking a lot about getting a studio apartment within the next year. I’d be poor but I really, really want to do it.

At what age did you move out? Do you think you were ready? Where did you live? Was it hard to pay your rent?

I’d love to hear your experiences. I don’t think I want a roommate. A lot of the people I know my age are either in college living in a dorm, married, or still happy living at home. Plus, I think I’d be happy to have my own space without having to worry about the trustworthiness of another person.

So there’s my Saturday ramble. Stay tuned for a treasury of Etsy finds I found for my future place of my own.

Photo: Hummingbird Art – Graduating the Nest from HamjArt

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