Update on The Omaha Project


Photo submissions are beginning to roll in for The Omaha Project!

In addition to drawing the people of Omaha, this large drawing will include well known buildings from different regions of the city.

When you Google Omaha – you usually see a view of downtown and the riverfront, right? But is that all there is to Omaha?

What buildings do you associate with
the part of Omaha where you grew up, live or work in currently?

Please let me know in the comment section below.

The Omaha Project


Photos mainly from my family photo album

So I had an idea yesterday and I need some help. I want to create a large mural-like drawing of different families, of different races in different regions of Omaha through the years. If you submit a photo of your family (by e-mailing piecesofelises@gmail.com) I will include it in the drawing and you will get a free 8 x 10 print! This drawing will eventually be the main cover for a writing project that is in the works.

I’m excited about this and hope to hear from you!

Whole30 Recap

So we didn’t make it to day 30. :-(. But, I blame it in our inedible pineapple meatballs.

It was day 23. We were baking the meatballs while we went on a run. Then we had to go to the store and come home and eat before going to a concert. There was a good aroma when we walked into the apartment, so we figured the meatballs would be tasty. I started trying to salvage our wilty salad greens to make a side salad for each of us. Jeff tasted the meatballs. They were watery and didn’t taste at all like they smelled.

We had about an hour to go to the store and get to the concert.

“After the store, let’s get King Kong,” I suggested.

So we ordered two medium rare top-sirloin steaks with fries and a Greek salad. We figured that was close enough to Whole30 compliant in an emergency situation. But the salads had feta cheese and what was steak without steak sauce? Fries without ketchup? (We didn’t eat the pita bread).

So I said, “Let’s just end it.”

Neither of us were miraculously healthier. We were slimmer, though. We decided to keep some elements of the diet. But we would drink alcohol and use our condiments.

And I wouldn’t have to cook everyday!

Here’s some of my journal drawings from the challenge:

wpid-img_20150718_205218.jpgwpid-img_20150718_205120.jpgdoro watwpid-wp-1437945455513.jpegwpid-wp-1438545610786.jpeg

Whole30 Day 22

Getting to the tail end of the Whole30. Here’s an update from my sketchbook.


Looking forward to implementing what we’ve learned about ingredients and the yummy recipes we made. We’re equally looking forward to treats like ice cream, wine, and popcorn!

I’ve been reviving an old writing project, a serial graphic novel. Here is an excerpt:

Tilly Jefferson was a small woman, barely 5 foot tall, but she was strong and clever and full of determination. Around town people said this came from the Indian blood that was in her. Her mother, who went by Mary, was a Cherokee fell in love with her father, Glenn, a slave.

Tilly’s jet black hair was always worn parted down the middle and wrapped into a neat bun, but her children and husband had seen how when she let it down it tumbled in smooth waves to the waist of her dress.

Tilly’s neighbors watch now as Tilly led her family away from the only place she had ever known. She led her two younger twin sisters, Esther and Estelle who were not yet spoken for, and her own for children, Tom, Billy, Zilla, and little Charles Glenn. They carried all they owned on their backs. There was no man by her side.

The neighbors all pestered her widowed sister-in-law, Francis, where they were going and why. Her mouth seam sealed tight with no chance of opening.

“Francis, why ain’t you going with them? Wherever it is they going, I reckon it’s far away and they ain’t coming back.” Georgia, an old respected woman in the area asked her when they were alone drinking water from the creek that man is short walk from their houses.

“Georgia, they leaving because they running. And I ain’t got nothing to run from”. She turned quickly and hauled her pail of water uphill from the creek.

Georgia inserted her own meaning into Francis’ words. She narrowed her old, wise eyes and watched Francis depart. It seemed Francis was running, but in her own way.

Hope to release the first in the serial, Flight, this fall.

Whole 30 Day 15 Update


I drew a few pictures about our second week of the Whole30. We’re pretty pleased with the trimming of fat (especially since we haven’t been keeping up with our exercise regimen).

In addition to being busy cooking we’ve been trying to sell a few items that we have accumulated.



The 2 silver framed pictures are prints of original illustrations that I did a few years ago. They are listed on my Etsy Shop, here & here.

Food Matters

I have always liked to eat. I think I have that in common with most people. But I have not always liked to cook. That just started recently, as my husband and I began giving more thought to what we were eating for dinner every night.

We have friends that were trying out the Paleo diet and seeing some positive results. We figured we were almost Paleo, since we cut out gluten and beans for hubby’s sensitivity to them.

Paleo blogs led us to the Whole30, a 30 day cleanse basically that cuts out problem foods (sugar, alcohol, gluten, legumes, dairy – except clarified ghee). The focus is on eating whole foods all day every day for 30 days. We’re on day 4!

It’s really eye-opening to see how sugar and soy are added into so many things. Most hot sauce has sugar. Bacon has sugar added (except a few like Pederson Farms that we purchased at Natural Grocers). Sugar is in nut butters and even our beloved Sriracha!

So we’re making more things, including Sriracha (because we need Sriracha) from scratch.

We tried buying a can of tuna at the grocery store and every brand contained soy!

I have been cooking up a storm ever since I started to get interested in the Paleo diet and I anticipate that I will be doing so even more over the next month.

Hoping to post what our experience is like throughout the Whole30, along with meal drawings like the one below. (Recipe from Nom Nom Paleo Doro Wat Recipe).